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Mega RP package

3840 RP

for 19 €

Giga RP package

4800 RP

for 22,5 €

Small RP package

960 RP

for 6 €

Middle RP package

1920 RP

for 9 €

Large RP package

2880 RP

for 14 €

FAQ about RP shop

Should i give my account informations to buy RP?

No. We ask your account informations only for boost.

How do i get RP?

When you buy our RP package, give us a contact in the „comment section”*, where we can contact you. If you don’t write any contacts, we will write an email to the adress,what has been registered to your Paypal account. About the further steps we will inform you. * ( we accept: skype, facebook or email adresses. )

The code isn’t working.

Our codes are 100% working and it’s guaranteed, we can’t accept complaints like that.

I didn't get the same quantity that i ordered, what should i do ?

If you Follow our GUIDE, you WON’T have this problem. If it does, then it charges the buyer.

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If you have any doubts or questions, please read our FAQ section ( english, germanien and hungarian version), or contact us.
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