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56 €

FAQ about boosting

How’s happening the boost?

After you bought one of our boost , we will contact you in email , or at skype.

How much time will the boost take?

We will try our best to achieve your demand as fast as we can, but the time depends from plenty things. For example: mmr

Can i use my account during the boost?

Yes, you can play with your account, if our booster isn’t online. BUT! if you use your account, please NEVER ever play Ranked Games during the boosts.

At which servers can i use your services?

EU West, Eu Nordic and East, Turkey, Russian.

You didn’t succeed the boost.

In this case we pay back all of your money. We have the policy about money back guarantee.

I can’t login to my account.

We take the responsibility for our boosters, so there is absolutely NO chance that this going to happen. We recommend to change your password before you give the informations to us and after you got it back, just change back to the old one. With this method there is no risk and you will be the only one, who knows that.

Be one of the coolest players! Play with Pros in Diamond or in Master tier!
Why should you waste your time with low elo players?

If you have any doubts or questions, please read our FAQ section ( english, germanien and hungarian version), or contact us.
Good luck Summoner!